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{March 29, 2008}   rediscovered childhood favorite

whilst browsing my blogs I ran across a video for Chapi Chapo – I completely forgot about them but it brought so many memories of my favorite tv program when I was little. and one I completely blanked on the name…its not sesame street, electric company, magic garden, zoobily zoo, captain kangaroo… ah, wikipedia. Its PINWHEEL! Yes, now I remember; Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, Picture Pages, Paddington Bear, Dougal…so happy. : )



Now, was pinwheel also the show with the opera singing & dancing claymation orange?

Ooh, remember Bloodhound Gang?  Even back then…its the precursor to love of CSI, L&O…


{March 28, 2008}   LOLcats

I do find lolcats cute and occasionally funny. I visit icanhascheeseburger.com quite frequently.

I am not a cat person and have always said so, but when the lolcats phenom came around it made me think perhaps that I have misjuded my dislike, considering I do not own a cat and have ever only had some hamsters as pets. well, I ran into a live cat recently and I now maintain that I like cats. in photos, on the internets, only. Some recent favs:

icarenot i care. not.

proceed proceed…young padewan, yes sifu

unimpressed-cat need some new entertainment in my life

wetwilly well, who doesnt find a wet willy funny

{March 28, 2008}   here we go again

i went on a blog binge 2 or 3 years ago, had multiple blogs at blogger and typepad. then i erased every single one. now im back for more sharing and throwing thoughts into a black hole of anonymity and having it all fall on blind ears.

et cetera